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“Your Home Is An Extension of Yourself”

We give you the power!

Home Automation, Security Systems, Whole Home Surround, and Home Theaters. Yes! It’s all about you. SST understands how to make life simple and engaging for you and your family.

Let us help Upgrade your lifestyle with Home Theater surround sound, whole home sound and entertainment matched with an outdoor sound system. Our smart home automation system will Sync all your media, lights, appliances and music flawlessly from the palm of your hand.

We partner with the best technology companies and feature top of the line products to customize the features to match your lifestyle.


Our ELAN interface gives you the ability to set Security, Climate Control, Appliances, Lighting, Temperature, Music, Media and more!  Elan and SST offers technology that learns and adjust with you. Moods, preferences and access to your home change over time we want those changes to be simple.

Our automated home system is designed to learn with you. It is intuitive, stores your preferences and responds to your changes anticipating your needs.

Of course, it all starts with you, however we understand there may be other family members living in your home as well. Each will get their own experience delivered according to their lifestyle.

Our ELAN Connectivity engages independently with each of your family members granting independence room by room customizing their experience. We go beyond happy wife happy life! You can all be happy at the same time.

SST delivers a simple interface that young or old can engage and learn in a very short period of time. Whole home surround sound and media play what you want where you want. All one theme for the home, independent room by room or outdoors by the pool or BBQ. Call one of our experienced customer service representatives and see how we can upgrade your lifestyle today

Movies Music & TV Enjoy a home that thinks like you. We give new meaning to Welcome Home!

Home Security

Power and protection in the palm of your hand! SST protects families like yours from predators, theft and fire damage. You have access to your home security systems and 24/7 monitoring from anywhere on Earth. Keep your family safe when you are home or away. CCTV cameras give you the ability to view each room in your home and check on what is important. Does your dog have food? Did The kids get home from school? Did you close the garage? You will also receive alerts in case there is sudden activity, a package has been delivered or someone is at your front door.

Fire protection

For Fire, we use advanced sensors to detect abnormal heat, smoke, and fire supported by cameras that have UV sensors. The system will notify authorities, Light all hall and exits and turn off your HVAC system to prevent further spreading of smoke. Our quick response and advance notice make the difference between saving lives and family heirlooms. One minute can make a difference. The SST Difference!

Home Theater Experience

You may find yourself spending date night at home more often. Perhaps you will be making more friends than you thought who want to watch their favorite teams play in your home theater.

Our state of the art in home theater design delivers a personalized riveting experience like none other. Relax with a single touch on your interface. The perfect sight and sound in your room will immerse you in the story and deliver a more than a cinematic experience.

The only things missing are the strangers talking on their phone or bumping your knees to go back and forth to concessions. Private VIP Showings are the new norm for your family. Simply pause when you want to get something so you never miss a key moment of a movie or sporting event.

Watch sporting events and feel like you’re in the front row. Our enhanced audio and split sound delivery system pick up key moments, content or conversations that may normally get missed from regular TV. Feel every hit, hear conversations and if you’re watching a baseball game you may want to wear your glove! OK technology is not quite that far to where we get balls flying through the TV but this home theater experience has serious game!

Not Just a Home theater sound system. Our acoustic engineers take into account the size and shape of your room. Our goal is to deliver the realistic sound and visual experience the Movie director, cinematographer and sound designer intended for you to experience.

Every shiver, shake, scratch or whisper comes through with perfect clarity delivering an unparalleled viewing experience. Backed by our partnership with Sonos speakers you are guaranteed shriek, Laugh or celebrate as the subwoofer kicks in with its soul-shaking bass!

Audio And Video For Each Room In Your Home

Group media zones allow for day to day independence. If grandma wants to sit in her rocking chair listening to the oldies it has no effect on the rest of your family enjoying their own style of music or media.

Our whole home smart surround system is designed to operate independently and store and learn preferences from each user. This allows for consistent enjoyment and also the opportunity to discover more content and music expanding their horizons.

You can also select preset media for getting up in the morning or coming home from a long day at work. Voice automation allows for immediate changes.

If you are having a party or everyone is immersed in a sporting event it can be broadcast throughout every room so everyone knows what is happening without missing a beat. Call us now or check out additional options for your home here on our site or social media.

Outdoor Sound

Our outdoor sound and speaker partnership with Sonos deliver unmatched sound designed for your yard, porches, and Pool area. Like our indoor installation, the speakers are placed to deliver optimal sound while blending in with your surroundings.

Play a song, close your eyes and you may feel as if the artist is performing right in your yard. The Sonos experience takes music to the next level packing a solid bass with the ability to fill an outdoor area with a warm tight sound. Hanging out by the pool, playing bocce, horseshoes or Barbequing just got a lot more enjoyable.

Depending on the mood of your group anyone can change songs by voice automation or using the mobile outdoor interface.

Our professional courteous installation team makes sure each home sound system, Home theaters, individual media rooms, and outdoor sound systems are optimized for sound and visual. We pay particular attention to make sure all wiring, cable, amplifiers, and digital media portals are invisible yet accessible.

Our pro speaker installation in ceilings walls and cabinets are seamless. We offer 24/7 support and instructional videos.

How Easy Is An Automated Home System?

If your home welcomes you does that make it a “Welcome Home“? SST redefines Smart home technology.

Simply touch “home” setting and it will prepare for your arrival and bring your home to life!

Simultaneously these things will happen as you arrive.


  • The system will sync to your current music set list so the same music is playing indoors and/or outside when you arrive.
  • Outdoor lighting will illuminate
  • Entryways and hall lighting will turn on
  • Blinds will open and the system will unlock entries as you get close
  • The fireplace can also be set to go on with TV and any media preferences
  • Jacuzzi can be set for your arrival
Getting up in the morning

Touch “I’m Up” and get ready for your day

  • Lights on
  • Bathroom floor warmers
  • Coffee
  • Motivational music
  • Local News
  • Blinds open

When you leave your home simply touch “Security”. The system will lock down your home.  Want to double check the garage door is shut and windows are secure? No problem check from the road or your destination.

Welcome to SST Smart systems Technologies. Call Now to talk to an experienced customer service representative.

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