The Super Bowl is on its way. Tickets are just $7000 per seat! That’s one option, or invite as many friends over as you want because you have the SST Home Theater experience built in. This is better than a front-row seat,  engages your guest and there are no long lines for getting food and beverages. Watching the game on a regular TV even a 70′ is not the same. The thunderous surround sound and sound bites you will catch engage all who are watching and create the kind of excitement you may experience from being at the game. Your friends that are rule experts will have their best shot at making calls and complaining about the refs while team fans hear and see more than being at the game. This may sound like I’m hyping the system, but let me walk you through a game experience with friends.

in home theaterTypically friends will bring the beer and food so I’m set with minimal input except for basics like my BBQ and a cooler. I’m always amazed at how each person captures, experiences or hears something key to the game from the field mic’s, the sidelines or exceptional visual that would normally get missed. My rule guys can call foul as often as they want. If we choose to review a play we can call an in house time out and replay the moment giving them the power of the owner’s box calling down to the field. All this without missing any part of the game. If we deem they are wrong a proper penalty is charged and they may be denied dessert or not be able to drink a beer or take a sip of water until the next quarter.

We don’t need the commentator to tell us how loud the crowd is. We know! It’s like we are there on the field surrounded by screaming fans. Sometimes we can even hear who they are yelling at, which can be quite humorous, and help us realize why a player might be agitated. We have a better understanding of how hard a hit on the field is as it resonates through our bodies and helmet to helmet contact is a no brainer…literally you can hear brains get rattled. That boom mic guy that’s always running around with the clear shield, he really is capturing random conversations and we hear those.

The halftime show always has so much hype, however watching a platinum artist perform and trying to listen through a single speaker on a TV is a disservice to the band.  The SST Home Theater experience drives the beat through a room full of Sono’s speakers designed to shake the foundation and deliver vocal clarity as if you are at the show. There are times I watch a concert or listen to music through this system and feel as if the artist is in the room.

Our entire family takes advantage of the home theater. It’s not just for big sporting events like the Super Bowl, which is great to share with friends.  The system gives our family the opportunity to enjoy a movie experience in the comfort of our home, snacks of choice and breaks without missing any scenes. Our kids love the video gaming experience and after a long day at work, it is the perfect atmosphere to decompress and gather my thoughts.

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