Want to step up your game this year? Give a gift that you can both share,and will appreciate every day. Home Automation. It’s not exactly like giving your wife a vacuum or husband a tool set! Those are both great gifts but better saved for a weekend surprise or just something they find when they walk into the garage. Home automation and or security are so much more than seeing who is at your front door or watching the dog chase the cat while you’re at work. Home automation has the ability for you to set the tone for romance before you even walk in the door. Love can be complicated sometimes so let’s try to keep it simple

Winter season is here, and you are both on your way home. Let’s get this party started with the basics. First, pick up Chinese to go. While waiting for your Orange chicken and fortune cookies let’s set the tone. Go to your Smart Systems Technologies Elan App.  Set the optimal temperature in your home, so it welcomes you without the chill or waiting to get warm upon arrival. Open the blinds to the view in your yard or close them if it stares at the building across the way. Light the fireplace, yes this is automated as well. Set your lighting in the room of focus. Pick your best romantic music playlist to be playing upon entry to your home. These preset actions should be enough, but if it has been an especially tough day, you can turn on the spa, kick in the jets and heat, so it is raring to go upon arrival as well.

Yes. Welcome to modern romance; it limits the room for error! We wish you the best this Valentine’s Day but keep in mind having a home automation system installed any time of the year gives you the ability to make any day a romantic one.

Quick Recap

Home Automation & SST Home Sound System

  1. Pick Up Food to go
  2. Set Home Temp
  3. Pick Romantic Song List
  4. Light Fireplace
  5. Mood Lighting
  6. Open or close blinds
  7. Be Nice

Call Us today and have a romantic tomorrow!

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