How exciting you just got an SST video doorbell installed and can’t wait to monitor the randomness outside your home! Let’s hope you just end up watching a dog, deer, mail delivery or door salesman fly by once in a while. However, if you happen to capture an actual crime like theft, destruction or someone stealing your brand new political sign here are some simple steps to follow to increase the chances of successful outcome.


1. Contact Law Enforcement

Does the face look familiar, perhaps someone local or a neighbor this is helpful. It could very well be someone from out of town that has been hitting every house for weeks and you are the only record of the crime. 1st and foremost report the incident to your local law enforcement. Then provide your exceptional video footage you have from your SST secured video doorbell and any minor details you may have noticed or recognized as familiar. It may be as little as weird tennis shoes you recognize. These tips help law enforcement with local knowledge they may be unaware of


2. Don’t Post Your Video to Instagram and FB & Twitter

How tempting this can be, We get it. Your excited and want this person caught. Plus the rush of all the likes, hearts, angry faces and comments will be a sure rush! Don’t do this. It will open the door for liability to yourself and be the opposite outcome you may be anticipating. You may very well get the opportunity to do this later, nevertheless, report first and get input from the police on whether this is a good idea. You certainly don’t want a defamation of character case brought against you. Once reported law enforcement may give you the go-ahead or advise how to move forward with your video. The actual purpose of the video doorbell is to assist police to help investigate a crime.


3. Video Doorbell Options

If you are reading this and have not got a secure video doorbell, call us at 800-679-4778 and one of our experienced security consultants can walk you through your best options. We install secure and hard wire your doorbell to prevent tampering and ensure the video and doorbell remain intact. Doorbells are a hot commodity themselves. Thieves are aware of the cost and aftermarket value. The video you may be watching is your unsecured investment being taken.

Be sure your camera is protected. Update your security settings, we do this for our clients. If you have purchased an aftermarket doorbell update your settings to prevent a cybersecurity issue.

Be sure you also update your wireless network as the doorbell is a point of entry to not just your door but your network as well.

The doorbell is just one of many ways to protect and monitor your home.

If you are concerned with security and want to be sure it is you have a system that’s maintained, monitored and kept up to date, contact one of our home security or commercial security experts.

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