Fire! Fire! Get the family. Try not to panic. Run outside. Call 911 and hope the fire dept gets to your home in time. Meanwhile, your neighbor’s kids are streaming the event live on social media. This may sound a bit extreme. Unfortunately, it is a grim reality for many DIY installers who thought it would never happen to them or figured they had it covered.

For most of us, let’s hope the only sound we hear from our Fire Sensor is the annoying beep reminding us to change the battery. Let’s take a look at our options

Professionally Installed Monitored Fire System

When it comes to house fires seconds can make the difference and having a secure monitored fire alarm system or linked home security system with fire alarm can save your family, home and likely most of your valuables.  SST expertly installs fire systems that are monitored 24/7 and automatically dispatches Fire Authority to your home when a fire is detected. This advanced notification saves not just seconds but likely precious minutes.  This type of fire alarm system is designed to prevent, detect, and address early signs of fire.  There are Heat detection sensors which track a spike or increase in unsafe temperature for advanced notice and warning before smoke.  In the case of fire, all alarms sound. The home’s exits and halls are automatically lit. If you’re not home help has already been sent to your home and push notification updates have been sent to your phone.

Do It Yourself(DIY)

You want to protect your home. You diligently shop online or at the local store and find some smoke detectors that are loud and possibly meet your needs. Perhaps you get 3 or 5. One for the kitchen and scatter the rest where you think may be best or are recommended on the back of the packaging.

This may happen

Fire downstairs on the other side of the house at 4 am.  A sensor goes off. You don’t hear it right away. When you do hear a smoke detector and realize what it is you bolt up and run down to see why. There’s a fire, but you left your phone somewhere. Find it. But first, what about everyone else in the house. Wake everyone up,  find the dog and get everyone out. Call 911. Wait for an answer… waiting. They go through a list of questions then tell you to relax as they forward your address to someone at dispatch and wait for a response. In the meantime, yep! Your neighbor’s kid is streaming your event live on social media.

What if you’re not home? Your smoke detector sounds in your house. The neighbors don’t hear it or don’t respond. You likely won’t find out until someone calls you or you get home

Let’s Get It Right

A monitored Fire alarm system works to your advantage, The emergency is handled in a matter that increases your family’s safety and chance to prevent and/or get ahead of harm’s way.  You need only worry about getting your loved ones out. More importantly, help is on the way.

Call us now, and one of our experienced representatives. We have offices in Orange County CA. The Phoenix area, Tempe, Tucson and we service the state of AZ. We will help you find the system that is ideal for your home and lifestyle. Protect your family and pets with a system that works for you 24/7

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