There are quite a few “Smart” devices, apps, module’s you can tape to your wall, or speakers you can put next to your TV or carry around the house.  It’s actually become quite limitless. It seems to be creating havoc where simplicity is the goal.  Have you become too smart for your own good?

It’s easy to want more, and as adults, some smart products are the equivalent to getting a new toy. Unfortunately, you end up with lots of different apps that don’t work together controlling functions in different areas of your house. Are they really cutting edge or simply packaged to sell? A single phone call or meeting with SST may open your eyes to home technology you were unaware existed.

SST works with Elan Home Automation and cutting edge home security and automation product manufacturers who are the best in their field. Once your home is set up you have a single mobile app with access to all.

  • Home security
  • CCTV Cameras
  • Video doorbell
  • Electronic locks
  • Lighting
  • Temperature Control
  • Audio/ Visual /Media
  • Blinds

and more.

The professional set up and user experience has the ability to grow with your family with add on features and presets to meet you right when you’re starting out or jump in now with 5 teenagers in a busy home demanding modern media accessories and home security.

For example, a simple preset for security will lock the doors, close the garage, turn off all media, TV’s and speakers. It will adjust your thermostat,  adjust the lights or turn them off and close the blinds. If any security breach or motion is detected once you walk out the door a push notification with a visual is sent to your phone. One and done. Reverse this preset for when you get home.

Elan’s Video -over- IP line gives you the ability to access any video source on all of the TV’s in your home. Elans multi-zone audio allows you to control different music in every room or the same throughout the home. All this can be done through a Sonos sound system and hidden speakers that are great for parties or sporting events. Check back here for more features each month or simply call our office to discuss your best options.

Work harder or work smarter. We can Help.

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