5 Reasons You Should Consider Professional Installation

For Your Home Automation and Home Security Systems



Is there anywhere else we would want to be? We pull into the driveway, open the garage door, and inch the car forward to its usual place. We close the garage door, grab a few things out of the car, and head to the door with our hands full. We see the door leading inside and notice that its conveniently cracked open. It’s dark, and we probe the wall for the switch, but it’s just out of reach. No problem, We try to use the automation system we bought online; for some of us, it’s Google Home, and for others, it’s Amazon Alexa.

“Turn on the kitchen lights.”

There’s no reply. The speaker is small but unsightly and in the way; and worse still, it never works when we need it. So, we empty our hands and sift through the apps in our phones and find our Home app.

Beneath the toggle for the kitchen lights, it reads “Device unavailable.”

It could be a problem with the home app so we sift through the manufacturer-supplied apps and try to remember if the light is a standard bulb on a smart switch or a smart bulb on a standard switch; which app was it? There’s so many. As we sift through the phone, we take note of the plethora of various devices and their respective manufacturer-specific apps.

            “The lights; there must be six different bulbs and three different switches. The smoke alarms; do they share an app with the video doorbell and the thermostat or was the thermostat produced by a different manufacturer and therefore operated by a different app? The speaker and the hub certainly share an app but what about the door locks, the home theater, and the other devices?”

Then we ask ourselves, “Wait, why was the door to the garage cracked, is there someone in here? Was the security system armed, why didn’t someone call? What was the name of that app?”

“Hello, is someone there?”

Home automation and home security can be very involved, confusing, and often, problematic, but it doesn’t need to be so complicated; as a matter of fact, it shouldn’t be. When properly installed, integrated, and monitored, it should make life easy.  Below, we will list five reasons you should consider profession installation with Smart Systems Technologies.

  1. Integration

With so many smart home devices available in the marketplace from so many manufacturers, integration of those devices into one user-friendly interface can be challenging. From security devices and lights to appliances and home theater components; with each device from each manufacturer comes a different app and the challenge of integrating the device to the interface. With SST, we integrate devices into one universal, user-friendly interface; ELAN.

Home Security Tucson

Remote home control system on a digital tablet or phone.

The ELAN interface connects the various individual components of the security, climate control, appliances, lighting, temperature, music, and media into one easy-to-use system. Once installed, it has the ability to trigger events. Triggering an event can be as simple as opening the garage door. This automatically turns on your home lights, unlocks doors sets the temp and or a variety of other events. The system begins to adapt to the user to make the experience even easier. Elan learns the preferences, tendencies, and habits of its users and adjusts. Moods, preferences, and access to your home change over time and we want those changes to be simple. The experience is fully customizable – from room to room – user to user. Though technology offers boundless options and capabilities, it is easy to use and learn.

  1. Support

One of the significant advantages of having professionally installed home automation and home security systems is having one universal resource for support. With the wide range of components and devices from various manufacturers, understanding where to find resolution can be challenging. Things happen, and when they do, they influence our home automation and home security systems. From power outages and changes in internet service providers to software upgrades; there’s plenty of potential for service interruption and compatibility issues. Users are often challenged with diagnosing the issues so they can then reach out to the appropriate manufacturer for support and manufacturer support offers a separate set of challenges; we’ve all been there. After being placed on hold for what seems like an entire afternoon, we are asked to first check for power and connectivity, which of course, we’ve already done before we called.

At Smart Systems Technologies Incorporated, we understand that our customer service experience relies on the skillset of the professionals we employ. We focus on core values and continuous training to ensure that all interactions with our valued clientele are both friendly and productive. With one system from one provider, we offer one simple source of resolution to the common things that happen in our lives.


  1. A Higher Level of Safety and Security

Most homes are equipped with basic fire protection devices such as smoke detectors and fire extinguishers because it is a requirement. Perhaps we have a doorbell camera and other devices, and we trust that the batteries are charged and in working order and go about our day with the universal hope that nothing major will happen. But at some point throughout the day, most of us ask ourselves the same questions; “what was that smell, did I remember to turn off the stove, is the door locked?”


Smart Systems Technologies offers not only the highest level of safety and home security; we also provide peace of mind. We can strategically install CCTV cameras and provide our clients with 24/7 home monitoring from anywhere on earth – and alerts in the event of suspicious activity. For SST, fire protection is paramount. We use advanced sensors to detect abnormal heat, smoke, and fire supported by cameras that have UV sensors. In the event of an alert, the system will notify authorities, light all hall and exits, and turn off the HVAC system to prevent further spreading of smoke.


  1. A Professional Look and Feel

For some of us, before we can relax on the sofa and enjoy our favorite TV series, we must first sort through the remotes on the coffee table and turn on the various components of the home entertainment system. First, we turn on the television, then the cable box, then the sound system, and then finally, the media player. Wires seem to be everywhere, the space feels cluttered with speakers and components, and the electrical outlets are certain to be operating at maximum capacity.

Professionally installed Smart HomeOur state-of-the-art home theater design delivers a clean and professional look with a simple, user-friendly interface. Voice automation allows for even easier use and customized experience. Our acoustic engineering and installation team considers the size and shape of your room to maximize sound performance while hiding wires and speakers so that the space is comfortable, functional, and free from clutter. Speakers are professionally installed in ceiling walls and cabinets to ensure that wiring, cable, amplifiers, and digital media portals are invisible yet accessible.


  1. Ease of Use

There’s an app for everything and sorting through the various apps on our phones can be tiresome; there’s so many. Most of us use search engine applications, finance applications, shopping application, and so on. Adding the applications for the various devices associated with home security and home automation not only makes finding the appropriate application difficult, but it also occupies a lot of space and data.

SST offers users a single, user-friendly interface that offers a fully customized experience. Users can set automatic timers on each of their home automation and home security devices. By simply selecting “Home” on the interface, the system has the ability to sync to the current music list so the same music is playing indoors and/or outside when users arrive. Outdoor lighting will illuminate, entryways and hall lighting will turn on; blinds will open and the system will unlock entries as users arrive. The fireplace can also be set to go on with TV and any media preferences. The possibilities are endless.


With SST, after coming home from that same tiresome day at work, our clients come home to a lit driveway with a sense of safety and security. Their hands are full but the lights in the kitchen illuminate automatically and music begins to play softly from a speaker seamlessly installed in the ceiling. As they free their hands and set their things on the counter, the blinds lift and the fireplace ignites. They check to see if there were any security alerts and they are relieved to see that their home is safe and secure and even if there were any concerns, they know exactly who to reach out to. At Smart Systems Technologies, that’s not only home as we envision it for our clientele; that’s how we install it for our clientele.

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