How Smart Systems Technologies Keeps Your Workplace Functional

It’s almost time; the corporate board of investors is due in the lobby in twenty minutes so you head to the restroom to freshen up. You stand in front of the mirror for a bit of a pregame warm up.

The hair; money.

You knew you wouldn’t have time for bedhead so you had it cut and styled the night before and slept in a position that would keep it in line.

Pressed khakis and a blazer; cha-ching

Elbow pads and corduroy won’t fly in social settings but for the corporate board of investors, it’s practically dress code.

Check the electronics; they never work right

Off to the board room. You lower the screen for the projector, dim the lights, and begin to sign in to your remote desktop but to your disappointment, your assistant GM forgot to sign off from his meeting the day before.

Come on Brian! You’re better than that

            You know that Brian is busy with other projects on the production floor so now, you’re going to have to restart the PC and that comes with a different set of challenges. It’s pretty groggy; everyone in the company knows that the PC in the boardroom is slower than a snail crossing a peanut butter highway.

You check your watch and realize that you only have five minutes until the meeting starts. Your colleagues and subordinates begin to take their respective places when the remote desktop sign-in screen appears. You enter your credentials and finally, after five hot minutes of awkward silence, you connect to your desktop and bring up the presentation.

Off to the lobby!

You walk briskly to the elevator, safety first, and depress the button for the lobby. You know you’re a few minutes late but the receptionist hadn’t paged so surely, the investors haven’t arrived. When the elevator doors finally open, you see that the monitors in the lobby are showing black screens where they usually show brand-related media. Disappointing but not shocking; they never work properly.

You turn to the receptionist and ask, “what’s happening here, have the investors arrived?”

“We’re having problems with our network, I had to use my cell phone to call for help but it’s been two hours and I haven’t heard back.”

There’s so much at stake; this meeting is a career-changer, for better or worse. You pace back and forth, wearing a track into the carpet before finally heading to the door to check the parking lot. You crack the door and finally, you see the investors; waiting to be let in with a security access card that works.

keyless entry

            We Build Security Systems That Work

            At Smart Systems Technologies, we understand the importance of a functional workplace. Your company needs security and networking systems that work for you – not against you. We offer CCTV integrated in a simple, user friendly  system that allows you to keep a close eye on your business so you don’t find investors and business partners stuck at the door; a quick glance at your phone will show a view from the camera in the parking lot so you see them upon arrival – and you can greet them at door with a professional look keyless entry from and an assured smile.

A “Smart” Functioning Lobby

We also know that you need a lobby that works; one that hosts prospective clientele, your colleagues, your suppliers, and investors. Your showroom is a direct reflection of your brand, it’s an extension of your professionalism; you need it to command the positive association your firm deserves. We design an audio and visual experience to ensure that when you lead the board of investors through the lobby, they turn to the monitors to see that their investment is in good hands – your hands.

A Boardroom; Not a Bored Room

Many business owners, top tier leadership, and corporate headquarters personnel agree that boardrooms are the nerve center of their daily operations. It is a place for communication, interaction, growth, and development. A functioning boardroom is core to building a brand that thrives in its respective marketplace.

SST offers large, single room screen presentations as well as remote conferencing systems to ensure that your message is thoroughly communicated to all present – colleagues and investors alike. Voice automation and lighting options add a certain amount of polish to presentations to promote confidence and drive retention.

            We can’t promise you that your bedhead will be forever cured – or that Brian will be a little more competent in leaving boardrooms the way he found them. But we can give you – and Brian – the tools to deliver when you need them the most. We offer a functioning workspace with support around the clock to ensure that the next time you have a career-changer on the calendar, you have the confidence to deliver when it matters most.

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