How SST Is Changing The Modern Home

By Darren Yarnes


For some home security and home automation systems, we almost forget that they’re even there and as technology advances, so too are the way that these systems impact our lives. The time when home security and home automation systems blend seamlessly into the lives of the homeowners are here. Smart Systems Technologies transforms homes from a collection of floors, walls, and windows into a place of comfort, elegance, and interaction.


With home security and home automation from Smart Systems Technologies, the drab curtains and window treatments of old are replaced with blinds that open and close on-demand with a set schedule or get triggered by an event like coming home and opening a door. The tired back yard typically limited to a grill, a chair, and a picnic table is transformed into a place relaxation with access to Sonos surround sound or to enjoy a movie in the cool night air. Even pool maintenance can be managed with our Elan automation App.

We replace the massive amount of smart home apps and devices with one easy to use interface. This new technology in home security and home automation is changing the way we live and function in our everyday lives.

It Doesn’t Have To Be This Way

The average American home is functional; we make it work. We awake to that familiar alarm clock that can be found at any yard sale across the country; we get out of bed and fidget with the blinds to let a bit of light in on that first cup of coffee. We pull the cord at a few angles; one side lifts and then the other, then after a few tense moments, both sides fall back to the window sill sending us all into a fit of subliminal rage.



Once we realize that blinds are born from a race superior to humanity, we turn on the ceiling lights and let our eyes adjust to the brightness. Traffic and weather are an important part of our morning routines, so we fumble around for the remotes. We find the remote to the television, and after a bit of searching, we find the remote for the cable box.


After the morning news, breakfast, and a shower, we’re cutting it close on time. We get the children off to school, and with our hands full, we do our best to toggle the alarm on our way out the door…and the pin pad never seems to work.




‘Incorrect pin, please try again.’




‘System armed,’ run out before the timer expires and off to work.


While we’re at work, we wonder if our packages arrived at our door and if our children get off the bus without issue. Maybe we have friends and family coming over after work, and we know we need to hurry home to the thermostat to crank up the air conditioner. Perhaps we want a bit of music from a radio in the back yard, so we consider that tangled mess of extension cords in the garage.


Our Homes Work – But Not as Hard as We Do


Of course, if anyone wants to catch the baseball game in the living room, we’ll need to make sure the home entertainment system is working to capacity. We all know how unreliable the speakers and the wiring can be. Then there’s the pool; is it clean, what’s the temperature?


Then there’s food, drinks, the yard, the mail – there’s so much to do with so little time. Then, of course, we all have that one retired neighbor that has too much time on their hands, and after they tell us they saw the same car pass through the neighborhood twice, we start wondering if our homes are safe


That’s life as most of us know it because that’s home as we know it, but with Smart Systems Technologies, it doesn’t have to be this way. SST has developed a product and service offering designed to make our lives easier through superior technology delivered in one, easy to use platform.


ELAN Smart Home Control


Smart Systems Technologies utilizes Elan smart home control and home automation. With Elan, morning routines can be set to ensure that each morning begins with a personalized set of automation. Blinds can be set to open at the start of each morning, and the lighting control feature allows you to adjust the ambiance of each of your rooms to start the day. The blinding ceiling lights limited to on and off toggling are transformed to adjustable lighting controlled with a simple swipe on our cell phones.


Traffic and weather are accessible within the media feature. Multiple media options for different rooms within the home are accessible from the ELAN mobile user interface and can be set for an automated morning routine, so your morning routine is launched and time is spent enjoying coffee and breakfast – not searching for remote controls.


On your way out the door, stop by the ELAN Intelligent Touch Panel or arm the system on your phone anytime. The new panels include facial recognition and a high-resolution touch screen with a built-in microphone allowing hands-free interaction. With Smart System Technologies, installation and integration are easy and professional to ensure that the system works as intended.




With SST, cameras can be installed in areas convenient to the look and feel of the home. You’ll know that your packages are waiting on the front porch and your children are home safe and sound.


If you have friends and family scheduled to come over and Smart Systems Technologies has you covered. You can remotely unarm your system, unlock an entry and control the climate from the ELAN interface so they can await your arrival in impressive comfort. For Music, you can forget those old fashioned radios and extension cords. SST can install speakers flush into walls and ceilings and ensure that unsightly wiring is hidden and out of the way.


A Smarter Pool?


Are you having a pool party? From the ELAN interface, you can adjust temperature, lighting, pumps, and other maintenance features all from the palm of your hand. Imagine a tech savvy poolside party with friends and family; you reach for your phone and turn on the lights in your pool and adjust the volume of the speakers. Maybe there’s someone running late at the gate in the driveway; simply open the app, view the security camera, and open the gate – all from the palm of your hand.


With Smart Systems Technologies, the days of simple security alarms and monitoring are over. At SST, we install systems that enhance the way we interact with our homes, our friends, and our families. We understand that if we can change the way we approach the simple tasks, we can enable our clientele to manage their lives in a way that’s simple, easy, and user-friendly, we are constantly working to improve the industry of home security and home automation.



Call Smart Systems Technologies today; our representatives would be happy to help you transform your home; pricing is quick and painless, and installation is noninvasive.

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