Home Automation and Home Security all together on a single app. This helps to make your life simple, and often what is overlooked, interactive. We understand how important home security is, as well as protecting your family. We build systems that protect, simplify your life, and help you engage with family and friends.  Why wait for a text from your kids? When they get home from school they can wave to you and say hello as they enter your home! Explore adding remote locks. Have you ever had a friend come by and you missed them by a few minutes? Maybe you’re expecting a package to be delivered? Allow remote access through a door, or by opening the garage for your friend or trusted delivery service. Once the package has been secured, re-arm your security system and get on with your day.  Coming home with the family and listening to a great music setlist? Keep that mood alive by setting it to play before you enter your home. Use voice commands for lights, entertainment, TV, music and more. One simple app gives your home the ability to “trigger an event”

What is triggering an event? It is the cause of one action to generate many. You also have the ability to manually override specific choices.  An example of triggering an event would be unlocking or entering a door, even a garage door. Once this is done it unarms the security system, auto sets the temperature of the home, Lights the entryway you have come in, turns the daily news on your tv set or plays music, lights the fireplace and a variety of additional options that can all be simply preset. SST gives you protection and options to grow with your family!

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