Who thought keys would become outdated? Certainly not the pirates that buried treasure centuries ago. Is it tradition? When someone comes to the front door we look for the key to the deadlock so we can open the door or rifle through our pockets with a handful of groceries so we can get into our home. More often than not our keys get lost just when we need to leave for somewhere important.


Welcome to 2020! The world of keyless entry. SST offers a simple solution. User codes. They are easy to use, track and make adjustments. They keep your home more secure and send notifications on who is coming and going into your home. Each family member has their own 4-6 digit code or remote lock entry which unlocks the door automatically.


Here’s how it works


  1. Set up each family member. This process should take a couple of minutes. For non-family members like a maid service or contractor you can set up a code that works for the time and day they would arrive like between 11:00 am-3:00 PM on Tues. A one-day user code for someone doing work in your house will allow access today but not tomorrow


  1. User Notifications can be sent by text alert letting you know who is accessing the house and when and user codes can’t be misplaced or lost like a key. We understand that sometimes kids may be forgetful. In these cases they can use the video doorbell you can see they are home and grant access with your code. Simply remind them or reset their code shortly after.


  1. If you suspect someone outside of your family has gained access to a code there is no need to rekey your entire home like a missing key. Delete that code and gain peace of mind


User codes and smart locks are part of the service provided by Smart Systems Technologies when we professionally install your smart security system. We have a great selection of the newest technology in smart locks that will be integrated into your system and controlled with one app that can be used by the entire family

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