Video doorbells are very popular however remote entry is the actual problem solver. Like steak and potatoes. The video doorbell allows you to see who is at your door and also the ability to have a conversation. It also will notify you if a valuable package is delivered. The misperception here is that the doorbell will prevent your package from being taken or you think the video will allow you to identify a stranger taking your package.

When it comes to package theft the most likely experience you will have is seeing is someone you do not know or police cannot identify taking your package. The package and contents will not be returned. To prevent this The remote entry and locking system is key. Without a key of course! You can now grant access to the delivery person by unlocking the door or opening your garage. Both options are available through our SST Professional installation

  1. The doorbell sends you a notification once pressed. Now you know a package has is delivered or someone is at your door. Open your app for a live view and tap the microphone button to acknowledge and engage in a conversation


  1. Once you have verified the driver, ask them to leave the package inside the door and close it once done. Unlock your door from the app this will disarm your security system and allow access


  1. Once the package is placed inside and the door is closed lock the door and re-arm your alarm system with one tap to secure your home


Package theft can be prevented quite easily with our smart home security system. If you already have our smart home security and would like to add a video doorbell or smart lock give us a call 800-679-4778

Don’t have a home security system yet then follow this link SST Home Security and see how we can install the security on your phone and in your home


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