How Smart Systems Technologies Protects Your Home

By Darren Yarnes

As new parents, we’ve all wondered about how technology could make our lives a little easier once the baby finally arrives. We’ve thought about music, movies, and TV shows; how we can keep them entertained. We’ve considered monitors in the headrests of our cars, trucks, and minivans and which Disney movie we’ll play on the road trip. Now we start to worry about their safety at home when we are present or away and how will it remain relevant as they grow?

But how can technology help us keep our newborns safe?

We’ve all the complaints about newborns; they’re messy, they don’t sleep, and they occupy every moment of our time. But we love them anyway. After a full term pregnancy, the anticipation finally comes to fruition. There’s a new member of the family – a new generation added to the family heritage.

But with that love and compassion, comes worry. As parents, we all worry about the bumps and bruises, the formula content, the hair, and the nails, and all of the things parents tend to worry about; and safety is almost always at the top of the list.

Safety is Paramount

While baby’s sleep, most of us try to catch up on all of the things we couldn’t do while they’re awake. We carefully try to manage chores, work, and other daily tasks, all while the baby is sleeping in the next room. But we do so with a complete lack of confidence that everything is secure.

Some parents try to get some work done, they crack the door and listen attentively for crying but they all have the same universal worry that something will happen and they won’t hear it if they go out to the yard. Most parents find themselves running back to the room to ensure that everything is fine.

SST gives you the ability to monitor with video and sound from wherever you are on the property. If you have hired a babysitter, you can monitor from wherever you are on the planet to prevent worrying.

Hand Held 24/7 security monitoring

 Room For Growth

Infants grow into kids, teens, and adults. They take the bus, carpool, and walk home from school. Next, they are driving themselves staying out late and coming through at all hours. The SST security system gives each individual a code, so you know when and who is entering your home. Are they home safe? Yes, as you received a push notification and can see them on a live feed. Once they are in high school or college and commuting, you may want to take a vacation without them. Is there a party at your house? Yes. You can see this as well. Now you know.

You can also establish temporary codes for service industry employees like housekeepers, plumbers, or a contractor remodeling your home. Gone are the days of cracked doors and dead batteries. With Smart Systems Technology, parents can multitask with the confidence to know that their loved ones are safe while they complete the tasks essential to their everyday lives.

Safety is just the beginning. With an  SST home security system, the safety of your entire home lies in the palm of your hand. We provide you access to your home security systems 24/7 & direct alerts to your phone to notify you of sudden activity, a package delivery, fire, or more.


Call Smart Systems Technology today and leave the worrying to us.

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