Three Crucial Considerations to Make Before Buying

By Darren Yarnes

With home security systems becoming so prevalent in today’s marketplace, many consumers are beginning to see the products and services in the industry as mere commodities; there doesn’t appear to be a real difference. From CCTV camera’s to home security alarms, it can be hard to differentiate one set of products from another.

Much like the products, the monitoring and installation services can be difficult to differentiate as well, leaving consumers to wonder –

“How do I determine which home security and home automation products and services are right for my home?”

Many users struggle to see the value of home automation and home security because by design, some are systems are merely a failsafe. There are the usual alarms and monitoring, but if all goes well, the only time users remember that their system even exists, is when they see the corresponding charges.

The truth is, home security and home automation are not commodities, not all products and services are created equal. Before you can make an intelligent buying decision, you will need to consider what will work for you, your home, and your family.

Lucky for you, we’re here to help. We’ll list 3 things to consider when purchasing home security and home automation products and services.

  1. Consider a System Built for You

When it comes to home security and home automation, most companies install a fairly consistent set of products into American homes despite the routines and day to day interactions of the individual family members.


Many Americans come home to the usual pin pad at the door and scurry to input the correct combination before time expires, or the police are notified; A great feature for theft protection, however systems limited to theft protection are becoming antiquated.


Children want a system that allows them to look at their phone and see their beloved pets running full stride from the CCTV camera installed in the yard – and parents want to look at their phone and see their children getting off the bus and in the home safe from the CCTV camera installed in the driveway.


If you’re considering a home security or home automation system, remember to consider products and services tailored specifically to your family, friends, and household. At Smart System Technologies, we strategically install CCTV cameras and provide our clients with 24/7 home monitoring from anywhere on earth – and alerts in the event of suspicious activity.


For SST, fire protection is paramount. We use advanced sensors to detect abnormal heat, smoke, and fire with options for cameras that have UV sensors. In the event of an alert, the system will notify authorities, light all hall and exits, and turn off the HVAC system to prevent further spreading of smoke.


  1. A User-Friendly Interface

About 70% of American families have children in the home, and every home security and home automation company in the marketplace recognizes that. While they advertise safety and security, many companies fail to offer products and services that the children can use.

Home Automation and home security systems the whole family can use

Some of the software is over complicated and clumsy, and even though 47 million Americans are over the age of 65, and many of them live with their children, many home security and home automation companies have failed to adapt to a more user-friendly interface because the transition would be very costly.


Children are hesitant to interact with a difficult home automation system; they want an automation system that’s easy to use and understand. One that works with voice and can be set just for their area of the home for interactive media and music. Elderly members of the household want a home security system and fire protection that will keep them safe while they rest without the hassle of a complicated interface.


If you’re considering a home security or home automation system, remember to consider all of the potential users in your home and their ability to effectively use and enjoy the products and services installed.


At Smart Systems Technologies, our ELAN interface engages each family member in the home providing safety, security, and usability regardless of age. The ELAN interface connects the various individual components of the security, climate control, appliances, lighting, temperature, music, and media into one easy-to-use system, regardless of age.



  1. A Seamless Installation

We’ve all been to someone’s home and seen gaudy CCTV cameras hanging off the wall; they look a lot like the cameras installed into every nook and cranny in a seven eleven. Many of them have wiring running down the wall and across the floor posing potential trip hazards to anyone walking through the home.


Many home security and home automation companies have been unwilling to stray from installation methods of old; the wiring, the boxy components, etc. They fail to understand that Americans would rather not have a security system at all.


Modern families want safety and security without the mess. At Smart Systems Technologies, our installation team considers not only the size and shape of the rooms; they also consider the appearance. Our sleek and stylish CCTV cameras are installed in areas that allow viewing from the perfect location while still feeling hidden and out of the way. The wiring is hidden to ensure that everyone in the home is safe from trip hazards and the unsightly mess that wiring can be.


If you’re in the market for home security or home automation, give us a call. With Smart Systems Technologies, pricing is easy, and installation is seamless. With one system from one provider, SST proudly offers one simple source of home security and home automation with WiFi resolution. We design custom packages that work for you, your, family, and your home…because that’s what matters most

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